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Happy Victoria Day long weekend!

Happy Victoria Day long weekend!

As we head into summer here in Canada, and a gradual re-starting of our economy, Kenyan students are heading into fall and winter, with many COVID-19 restrictions still in place including travel bans and curfews. For most of them, it has meant that they’ve had to return home to small rural farms in poor communities, and are struggling with their families to survive with few work opportunities.  They’re still confident that getting an education will enable them to overcome poverty for themselves, their families and their communities, and are hopeful that the virus situation will improve enough to allow them to return to classes in September. They thank you for your loyal, generous and consistent support towards helping them overcome poverty through education, especially during this time of uncertainty.

ACCES is grateful to have you with us on this worthy journey of giving bright, deserving students these opportunities. They can’t do it without you!

Remember, your support literally changes lives–please give generously.


2019 AGM Postponement Notice 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the protocols put in place by the BC government, the 2019 AGM is being postponed until further notice.
ACCES is planning to host a live Facebook event to compensate for the usual June date of the AGM, and will provide details and a link as we get closer to the date so that you can join us to celebrate 2019. 
As well, emails and letters will be sent to all the members (anyone who donated $50 or more during 2019) informing them of this change. The Annual report will be available online by early June, and upon request, in print by letter mail. Please let us know if you would like a print version.
Tel: 604-688-4880; or email: [email protected] for more information 

2020 Scholarship Intake

Scholarship applications continue to arrive at the office in Kakamega, with only a few days  remaining until the end of the intake on May 31st.
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, applications are being received by email, and all precautions are being taken by the staff to stay healthy and safe. Online technology is being used for shortlisting and interviews in order to comply with Kenyan protocols.

Thank You! 

Once again you have shown how dedicated to education you are by donating to our Giving Tuesday Now campaign.

Meet Trita Tiesy Wycliffe

In this third story of our “Meet the Students You Support” series, we’re pleased to tell you about Trita. Trita is a 3rd year student at Maseno University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery. Like so many, he has faced enormous hardship and difficulty to get as far as he has. We hope you’re encouraged by his story, and the powerful impact your donations have in changing people’s lives.

Trita has had an arduous life since his childhood. As a first born in a family of 10, his life hasn’t been easy, but the notion of the “survival of the fittest” struggle is what has shaped him to become who he is today. His academic journey has been even more arduous, and as he says, “has had more thorns than a thistle bush”. He was only able to attend primary school through the interventions of a church founded school, which chose him as one of three disadvantaged students to support. In secondary school, he had to drop out twice because of a lack of fees and was required to repeat form three. He thankfully found a sponsor who paid his remaining school fees because of his determination and work ethic. After completing his fourth form and attaining average of B-, which is not high enough to gain an admissions letter, there was no possible way for him to afford University on a parallel program. This was a real setback for Trita, so he decided to work, save some money for fees, and then repeat his KCSE, finally scoring an A-. Trita now qualified as a government sponsored student, but his worry was still not knowing where his parents would find the rest of the fees to take him to school. Trita was despondent over having worked so hard, and getting so close, but not close enough. It was at this time that he came to know about ACCES from one of his friends.

With a huge smile on his face, Trita says he was incredibly fortunate to be selected by ACCES. As he reflects on his journey, he says that he finds great joy and solace in ACCES. All his dreams of being a doctor will now be fulfilled in spite of the many obstacles he faced. His family has languished in poverty his entire life, as both of his parents have been unemployed other than ad hoc menial labour. He hopes to be the light at the end of their dark tunnel: being a firstborn, he has a very big burden to bear in terms of offering emotional, physical and economic support to his siblings.

To ACCES, he says, “Thank you for your thoughtful donation and for supporting my efforts to make a difference. Your kindness will help improve quality of life for not only individuals but also their families. It has been a gratifying experience to meet you. Thank you for your generosity”


This is Our Story

Watch the timeline of ACCES from the very beginning!

ACCES works to help Africans obtain the skills and knowledge required to alleviate poverty through education, working with poor communities, and finding opportunities to help those less fortunate. Your continuing support is crucial to our work, and we look forward to partnering with you again this year. To donate online, click here, or send your cheque to the mailing address given below. You can also call our office during weekday business hours to make other arrangements such as automatic debits and credit card payments for monthly donations. Tax receipts are available for any amount over $10.00. 
Charitable registration number: 13983 1770 RR0001
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