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Well, here we are at the beginning of 2020 and January is almost over! A whole year waits before us to fill with good and wonderful things, to help those less fortunate, and to make the world a better place.

Your loyal commitment to helping vulnerable Kenyan students is not only admirable, but shows clarity of vision because you know that education is the key to alleviating poverty.

We’re glad you’re with us! With your continued support ACCES will continue to contribute to this important goal, alleviating poverty through education.

2019 Milestones and Achievements
– A total of 325 scholarships paid for by ACCES donors
– Awarded 22 disabled scholarships (thanks to matching funds donor)
– A total of 503 scholarship applications were received for the 2019 intake
– 220 scholarship applications were shortlisted for interviews
– 150 home visits were conducted for information verification. 
– 61 new post-secondary scholarships awarded 
– 5 new TIVET scholarships awarded
– 106 ACCES sponsored students graduated in 2019
– ACCES staff conducted 22 mentorship activities and Community outreach activities in high schools and communities across Western Region
– 8,314 students and teachers benefitted from the mentorship activities and trainings
– 15 students’ club organized group activities were carried out by ACCES sponsored students who visited 5 secondary schools, 10 primary schools and participated in 13 community activities, assisting more than 10,000 people
– Community activities included: fumigation, community health training, jigger eradication, general medical check-up and shoe and cloth donation.
– AAA (ACCES Alumni Association) Annual General Meeting (AGM)
-2 student’s club organized group activities (fund raising & planning)
– 1 meeting with students’ club representatives(capacity building)
– Kshs.1,840,300 ($24,870) has so far been raised by graduates and students  towards the ACCES Endowment Fund.
– Kshs 30,000 was used for registering ASEF (African Scholars’ Education Foundation) as a Charitable Trust
– ACCES staff attended the 17th Kenyan Universities Exhibition at the University of Nairobi to update information on marketable courses and other Financial Aid organizations
– ACCES staff participated in more than 30 Education Sector Network meetings
– ACCES staff attended the Day of African Child at Malinya
– ACCES staff attended International Literacy Day at Shinyalu