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Long term support for ACCES is provided through donations to the ACCES Foundation. These funds are wisely invested, with interest used to support ACCES programs perpetually. A planned gift to ACCES lets you continue to support what you believe. There are several ways to give a legacy planned gift.

BequestIncluding a bequest to ACCES in your will is one of the simplest planned giving options.  This is done through your will which is a written instrument to communicate how you want your estate to be dealt with after you pass.  Gifts of cash or property can be left.
Life InsuranceACCES can be named as a beneficiary in an existing policy, or the ownership of the policy can be transferred.  You will receive a tax credit for the cash surrender value of the policy. 
Gift in kind – property or securitiesGifts of property such as real estate, securities or stock can be donated to ACCES.  If you own publicly traded securities outside of an RRSP or RRIF that have increased in value, you could owe taxes when you sell them.  By giving these securities as a gift “in kind” you receive a tax receipt and lower the tax on capital gains.
Charitable remainder trustA trust allows you to make a major gift now and continue to enjoy the income from it for the rest of your life. ACCES receives whatever remains in the trust after the passing of the contributor(s).  

Please consult with your financial advisor, lawyer, or the ACCES office for more information.