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Susan Zindoli Onacha, of Kakamega County, appears strong and confident in her 2021 graduation photograph. Hidden behind this self-assured pose are haunting memories of her early years. Illness and grim poverty barred her future. Susan suffers from a severe condition of rheumatic heart disease. Yet as the first-born in a family of eleven, Susan needed to assist with her younger siblings’ welfare and education.

Income for the family was sporadic. Susan’s father developed meningitis. To feed the large family, her mother worked at varied small businesses and menial jobs. School fees became a mounting burden. Susan’s parents scraped together enough money to pay for her primary years. Secondary fees and additional costs, however, proved to be insurmountable. Despite her excellent performance, Susan was on the verge of dropping out when teachers came to her aid. With their gifts and additional bursaries from well-wishers, Susan completed the KCSE school leaving examinations with high grades.

Susan dreamed of university. Some of the expenses would be covered with a national scholarship –– more money was needed. She applied to ACCES. Although Susan’s grades were strong, a home verification had to be conducted by ACCES staff. They determined that Susan was a most capable student in desperate need of support and granted her a post-secondary scholarship.

Life at the University was more difficult than Susan imagined. She expected to cope with new ideas and new people, but not rejection. Because of her humble background, Susan felt alone and isolated from others. These feelings drained Susan’s energy and threatened her studies. Thanks to career talks, guidance, and support from ACCES, Susan adapted and thrived.

In August 2021, Susan Zindoli graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Pioneer International University. She immediately sought career possibilities. Recently Susan was interviewed by Solibaum Solar Company; she now awaits approval for an internship.

Susan has testified that true kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return and ACCES has gone beyond the limit to prove this. Susan’s message to ACCES supporters is simple. “Donors affect eternity: they can never tell where their influence stops. Because they believed in us, we are now flying towards our dreams.”

Matching Funds Until October 31, 2021

A generous, anonymous donor will donate an amount equal to 4x the total of new monthly commitments pledged up to October 31st. For example, for a new monthly donation of $50 our anonymous donor would contribute $200. All donations raised during this campaign will be directly targeted to student tuition and fees