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Dear Friend of ACCES,

Here in Canada we’re heading into the fall holiday season. As we gather together with our families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, this year’s activities will be a bit different because of the impact COVID-19 has had. There are still protocols remaining in place including the ban on large gatherings, 6 feet of physical distancing and mask wearing in many enclosed public places, making bigger family and group gatherings impossible.
We’re also still mourning the loss of our much-loved founder George, and beloved KAC member, Eileen, making the season more melancholy than we may have hoped for. But neither of these champions of good will, benevolence and selflessness would want us to shrink back, or avoid being thankful for the good that’s all around us. And there’s a lot!
So in the spirit of George and Eileen’s unbridled passion for the work of ACCES, let’s be thankful for the fact that neither Canada nor Kenya experienced the level of infection and mortality from COVID-19 that other countries have. We are thankful that we haven’t lost any students, that our loyal supporters are still donating, ensuring no student will be left behind in 2020 and thankful that students are back in class, achieving their dreams of education!

On behalf of all our students, ACCES sincerely thanks you for your loyal, generous and consistent support towards helping them get an education, especially during this time of uncertainty. We’re grateful for you! Remember, your support literally changes lives–please give generously.


2019 AGM Notice

Due to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions in Canada, ACCES is unable to have a normal in-person AGM. Recognizing the difficulties COVID has placed on non-profits, the BC Societies Authority has allowed for hybrid meetings that include both mail-in advance voting for motions as well as an online, or virtual meeting of members who choose to participate via the Internet.

As you may remember, our AGM is typically held in mid June, but BC Societies has also allowed for the postponement of AGMs until December 31st, 2020 due to the difficulties presented by COVID

An AGM package will be sent out next week to all members, by email where possible, and by regular Canada Post mail for those without an email address

If you choose to participate in the online meeting, a pre-registration will be required. Only those registered will have access to the meeting. Please click here to register by email.

Damaris Kusa
Damaris is currently in 3rd year at Kisii University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Science Biometry and Informatics

Damaris is the third born in her family, with her older siblings having completed Form Four but unable to proceed with their studies due to lack of fees. They all eventually gave up and went off to work menial jobs in order to survive.

But Damaris defied all odds as she struggled through primary school, achieving very high marks for her final KCPE. Her parents had thankfully been able to pay her primary fees through the very little earnings they received from menial jobs. However, in secondary it became too much for her parents to afford after her father who was a small-scale farmer became ill and bedridden. But her school Principal saw her potential and wanted to give her all the opportunity he could, so he agreed to pay her fees. After Damaris also excelled in her KCSE exams, the Principal wrote a notice to several local well-wishers, saying, “I wish to recommend financial assistance for Damaris, as the family is very needy. The parents are casual laborers getting low and unpredictable earnings, and the father is currently bedridden with disease. I have known the family since 2016 and due to the condition of the family, I provided some scholarship for her, but it is now depleted. I wish for you to try and help her.”Thankfully, one of those well-wishers told Damaris about ACCES, so she straightaway went to visit the office where she was given the application form for a scholarship which she filled out and submitted immediately. She sailed easily through the entire selection process due to her high grades and family situation until she was finally chosen to be shortlisted for a home visit.During home verification, ACCES Staff confirmed that her father was permanently incapacitated and that he and Damaris relied on his wife’s unpredictable income of odd jobs to subsist. He lamented that it pains him to helplessly watch as the dreams of his children die. “As a breadwinner, I was unable to finance their education as I have not recovered and my savings have been depleted. But Damaris is a smart, hardworking girl and aspires to be a productive member of society. I do not wish to see her end up like her siblings. It will break my heart,”Having been successfully taken into the scholarship program, Damari’s father now has many reasons to be thankful for ACCES. He finally feels hopeful that his daughter will complete University. He says that “true kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return and ACCES has gone beyond the limit to prove this.”


25 years of success to be thankful for!

ACCES alleviates poverty through education

ACCES works to help Africans obtain the skills and knowledge required to alleviate poverty through education, working with poor communities, and finding opportunities to help those less fortunate. Your continuing support is crucial to our work, and we look forward to partnering with you again this year. To donate online, click here, or send your cheque to the mailing address given below. You can also call our office during weekday business hours to make other arrangements such as automatic debits and credit card payments for monthly donations. Tax receipts are available for any amount over $10.00. Charitable registration number: 13983 1770 RR0001
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