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As we move into a new summer, many of us are making plans for the coming months and hopefully an end to the realities of life associated with COVID-19. In the wake of 2020 and the continued COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya, our students need us more than ever.

Students have been greatly disrupted through school closures, the move to online learning and delayed graduations. The students we provide scholarships for are students that not only struggle with the financial burden of school, but also often lack the infrastructure to participate in virtual course offerings. In fact, many of the villages where our students reside lack stable internet access. The result is that many of our scholars have not been able to attend school over the last year.

Over 90 ACCES scholars who were expecting to graduate in 2020 had their studies postponed and graduation delayed because of pandemic restrictions in Kenya. Forced to put everything on hold they are attending their final classes now, a year later than planned. Most will be able to finish by July 2021 but there are several students who must continue their studies until the end of 2021 through no fault of their own. Our commitment to these students means ACCES staff in Kenya face some very difficult financial decisions.

With close to 500 scholarship applications received so far, we hope to support as many students as possible. While we are shortlisting the applications received, we are also looking to next year and how we can provide funding for more students. It is only with the generosity of donors like you that we may expand the impact we provide.
Education is key for our students to gain the skills and qualifications they need to boost their own earning potential, help support their families, and reach out to support their community. By providing funds to open doors for education we change lives.

Thank you for supporting this cause.

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