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Dear Friend of ACCES,

As we continue to mourn the loss of ACCES co-founder George Scott, we know that life still moves forward, and he would want us to make sure that ACCES remains a force for good in Kenya. To that end, we will carry the torch for his and Beth’s vision and ensure that deserving students are provided with the tools and education they need to benefit themselves and their society. We’re glad to have you with us!

Here in Canada our schools have re-opened with new processes and protocols to help minimize the transmission of the Corona virus. Practices such as additional sanitization regimes and minimized contact between students and staff are among the ways our school system is working to get students back to school while keeping them as healthy as possible.

Most of our Kenyan students have been struggling to survive because they returned home during the pandemic. Poverty is still entrenched in their communities, making them the best hope to alleviate it once they finally graduate and get into the workforce. Many of you already know this, but on average, one ACCES graduate will help seven other Kenyans to go to school. That’s a significant statistic, and one of the reasons that ACCES scholarship awards are so important. Isn’t it great to know that your support of a Kenyan student multiplies up to sevenfold? 

On behalf of all our students, ACCES thanks you for your loyal, generous and consistent support towards helping them, especially during this time of uncertainty. We’re grateful for you! 

Remember, your support literally changes lives–please give generously.


2020 Scholarship Intake
ACCES is pleased to announce that 63 University, 30 Middle College and 7 TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) students were selected to receive a scholarship award and they’re excitedly waiting for their classes to begin. Kenyan institutions have been mandated by the government to go forward with online classes starting in mid September.This may present a further obstacle to some students who are unable to afford a data plan, a laptop, or who live where there is no wifi or service coverage and will be required to travel to an Internet cafe. We’ll keep you up to date on how many students may face these obstacles and what can be done to ensure they aren’t held back. 
If you’ve never experienced the joyful feeling of sponsoring a Kenyan student, click here to email, or call us at 604-688-4880 today and join us in sharing the love! 

Kagota Brian
Kagota  is currently in 2nd year at  Maseno University undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

He comes from a very humble family, raised by a single mum after she separated from his father. For Kagota, the passion to fulfill his dreams and his desire to prosper is what has kept him going even in the face of all the setbacks that he’s encountered in life. Living in a broken home was one of the worst nightmares any Kenyan child could ever endure, especially when there is no stable source of income as a result. 

His mother works as a housemaid in Nairobi, and despite her advanced age at the time of separation, she was left to take care of the family’s basic needs and try to pay school fees for Kagota and his siblings. But the little earnings she makes is hardly enough to fulfill household obligations, let alone extras like fees. None of this was ever a reason for Kagota to give up however, but rather, a ladder for him to come out on top, even though depression and mental disorders have been a challenge since high school. In spite of all these obstacles, and having to accept the fact that his father is unwilling to provide support to his own children, Kagota never gave up. Thankfully, well-wishers have chipped in with whatever they had to help him and his family along the way.

He says, “My entire education life has been facilitated by scholarships and the assistance of people with good will. A case in point was in the year 2012, when having passed my KCPE with only 362 marks out of 500, I was forced to repeat. But then I scored 401 marks which earned me a partial post-primary scholarship.” The probability of him completing high school would have been zero had it not been for the sponsorship.

When his KCSE results were published, he had excelled, but one issue kept disturbing his mind. Would he be able to join University? His next plan was to do casual jobs to have some savings, and then call for a local fundraising to help him secure an admission to the University. He was sure that even if he didn’t raise enough he would be able to survive somehow, and never gave up hope that something would happen. It wasn’t until he finally decided to defer that a local chief gave him an application for the ACCES Scholarship and encouraged him to apply, which he did, and emerged successful. 

He says that he felt “like the luggage I was carrying had been offloaded.” He is certain of completing his studies now.

He says, “Thank you ACCES for being my guardian Angel. I didn’t see this coming; you put a smile on my face when I least expected it. What a worthy gesture! Thank you for touching all of our lives”

If you would like to help a student like Kagota, click the button below.


Leave a Tribute to George
For those of you that knew George, and would like to leave a tribute, condolence, story or memory of him, this link will take you to a site where you can do so. If you would like to make a donation in memory of George, please click here for our donation page.

ACCES alleviates poverty through education

ACCES works to help Africans obtain the skills and knowledge required to alleviate poverty through education, working with poor communities, and finding opportunities to help those less fortunate. Your continuing support is crucial to our work, and we look forward to partnering with you again this year. To donate online, click here, or send your cheque to the mailing address given below. You can also call our office during weekday business hours to make other arrangements such as automatic debits and credit card payments for monthly donations. Tax receipts are available for any amount over $10.00. Charitable registration number: 13983 1770 RR0001
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